The value of an internship with Electric Agency

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Starting out into the workforce after studying for three or so years, you are literally starting from scratch. You get thrown into the deep end, and basically everything you think you knew gets dumped right out the window. Studying at a well-respected, but theory-based university, looks fantastic on your resume, but doesn’t really help when […]

retail advertising

Retail advertising playing tiddlywinks

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Retail advertising Most retail advertising is so far behind the game it might as well be playing tiddlywinks I’ve written some controversial pieces about advertising, but this might be the most controversial. Why? Is it because I’m going to make a lot of enemies in my competitors? No. It’s because I’m going to make the […]

Marketing & Sausages

Marketing & Sausages

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Marketing & Sausages This article was first printed in The West Australian 25/8/14 The marketing author and social media savant, Gary Vaynerchuck has a saying, “A penguin cannot be a giraffe, so just be the best penguin you can be”. I think this is why I don’t understand why some communications businesses like to add […]

marketing innovation

Marketing Innovation

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The Marketing Innovation Bandwagon There are few more over used words in business than ‘Innovation’. Today, thanks to Malcolm Turnbull, it has even entered the world of politics and will be at the core of fiscal policies soon. But what is it, why is it important, what is the relationship between marketing / innovation, what […]