Second opinions. Why are we averse to them?

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​Not getting a second opinion can kill your business as surely it can kill you. Before studying Communications at university I studied both History and Engineering Science. Those three subjects programmed me to consider paradigms. Different viewpoints against the hegemonic. Prevailing science changes perspectives as does history and language. It made me try to understand […]

Are you a lion?

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I was lucky enough to attend The Communications Council WA ‘Marketing Effectiveness on Trial’ conference on 11th September 2017. Three speakers (Mark Earls, Professor Karen Nelson-Field and Peter Field presented their recent research and conclusions to a large audience of marketers and agency people in Perth. At the end my conclusion echoed Tywin Lannister’s famous […]

Hunting the Unicorn

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Don’t hate us, but we think offering internships when done properly** is a good thing. We offer internships and so speak to many under grads, post grads and Masters students about their career prospects. There is one common denominator in every conversation: The Unicorn.     The Unicorn is how we describe the creature many […]

Eight great podcasts we recommend

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We subscribe to a number of great podcasts. We recently read a list of someone else’s recommendations and it was very useful. We thought you might also find my list useful too. We’ve included average running times, and a link through to iTunes.   Business News WA: 15 minutes ‘Business News provides news, insights […]

Fake Cases

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Because so much of what we do is linked to a business’ long-term strategy we are not able to detail how we have created value without giving our Clients’ competitors, customers or other stakeholders a view from inside that tent. So in the tune with the zeitgeist we present a ‘fake case’. We could use […]